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Calling Creative and Unique Counselors (LPCC / LSW / MFT)

Seeking therapists who are creative, passionate, out-of-the-box thinkers interested in growing with a practice.

Do you hear that someone break the mold after they made you? If you have a strong geeky side, a creative streak, or a unique perspective on life – if you have endured some version of the “misfit toy” feeling for most of your life -- I’d love to have you consider working together. Of course, I’m looking for strong professional skills and a commitment to excellence for the practice as well, but I want to fill this practice with weirdos who bring joy to life.

Covenant Family Wellness, LLC is a counseling practice based in central Ohio that seeks to help people heal from their pasts, connect with the people in the present, and grow strong healthy relationships in the future. I do offer Christian faith-based services, so applications should be comfortable with that, though a particular faith tradition is not a prerequisite for hiring.

For those who are Looking for Group (LFG):

  • Know your role: Have a developing knowledge of a niche for practice that complements the group

  • Ready to Level Up: Ready to build a caseload from scratch (currently no waitlist, but the practice is running full)

  • Master over Apprentice: Those not independently licensed can apply, but without being able to be on insurance panels, you may have a difficult time building a caseload

  • High Resolution: Complete documentation well, consistently, and on time

Highly Qualified Group Members (Elite LFG):

  •  All of the above

  • Comfortable with children and families

  • Independently Licensed

  • Geeky, fun, quirky personalities

Are you interested?

  • Go to the website and see if you can see yourself as part of the practice.

  • Schedule an INFORMAL sit-down (virtually now; thanks, ‘Rona) on my scheduler ( Select the integrated telehealth location and the service that says “Interview” and find a time slot. You can also email me at if you have questions before this even starts. We’re all busy and I want to respect your time as much as to have mine respected.

This is a 15-30 minute chat just to see if we like each other and if we can work around each other. We’ll talk about what we nerd out on (like people who end sentences in prepositions), see what you’re looking for in a position, and find out what gets your therapy engine running.

Once we figure out if we click as people, qualified applications will be invited to share a more formal interview and we’ll get the process going from there.


Job Type: Part-Time / Potential for full-time growth

Pay: 1099 position, structure based on gross billing per 2-week pay period.

  • $0-2000: 60/40 split (60 to clinician)

  • $2001-4000: 65/35 split (65 to clinician)

  • $4000+: 30/30 split (70 to clinician)

Note: We are offering 10% bonus to the clinician during work-at-home times (see next section), but this will diminish when returning to the office

COVID-19 considerations:

  • Currently, we are only offering telehealth. There may be opportunities to return to an office location following the pandemic crisis

  • Note: During the COVID-19 crisis, we are offering a 10% bonus to offset work-at-home expenses. If / when we return to the office, this will revert to the schedule above


  • Flexible schedule

  • Support staff to assist with billing and scheduling

  • Group marketing collaboration

  • Encouragement and Incentives for growing as a clinician and growing as a practice


  • Clinicians are expected to furnish their own phone (they will receive calls forwarded from the office) and laptop

  • Clinicians are expected to carry a minimum of 4 hours per week of clients (averaged over a month)


  • Clinicians will set their own schedules, though they will need to be flexible based on client needs to maximize earning potential

  • Clients typically schedule anywhere from 8am to 8 pm

Work Location:

  • Fully Remote at the time

  • We’re looking to find a new in-office location in Reynoldsburg / Pickerington / Canal Winchester – applicants who are wanting to find an office location are encouraged to apply and begin discussions with this.

  • Clinicians working from home should be prepared to have a private, undisturbed space for meeting. They should have access to high-speed internet that is either unencumbered by others in the home or fast enough to support all members (a hard-wired connection is strongly recommended). Clinicians are also expected to have a computer that will support telehealth as well as a printer and a scanner. These items can be leased from the company if needed for a fee.

TL; DR – If you’re looking for a place that values your independence - and want to find encouragement, mutual support and success - reach out to schedule an interview today.  

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