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HSP (Highly Sensitive Persons) Counseling

Counseling for empaths and the emotionally sensitive.


You’re the jigsaw piece that doesn’t fit anywhere…

​People try to connect descriptions to you - “Too much” “Too sensitive” “Overwhelmed” – these are adjectives that Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) hear too often.

You try to connect to the world around you, but noises are painful, visuals are overwhelming, and people’s feelings are huge and loud. And what is going on with the tag on your shirt? 

Maybe other well-meaning therapists (and armchair psychologists) have tried to find the right diagnosis: bipolar, ADHD, or even borderline personality disorder. But these labels don’t even fit right.

You wonder how one moment you feel like you have everything together – you’re working off intuition, feeling at peace with everything around you, and even seeming to be ahead it all… and then one thing doesn’t click and the whole puzzle falls to the floor … and you’re locked in a room, lights out, eating a bag of snacks, and wishing the world away…

You’re different. But you’re not broken.

Research has identified that 15-20% percent of the population is what is known as “highly sensitive.” They have a genetic difference that makes them more sensitive to feelings and sensations. 

But learning this is only part of the battle. Once we find this out, we still have to deal with the feelings.

I am one of the few providers in Ohio who has taken additional training to work with HSPs …

And I also happen to be one myself.

Together we will tailor a set of coping skills that will help you manage your overwhelm. We will help you identify and spotlight the strengths that can make you an amazing employee, partner, parent … and person.

Together we can work at finding ways to manage the overwhelm. We learn how and where we can connect with others. And we work to take you from highly sensitive to highly centered. 

Free Consultation

So stop “over”thinking about this and request a free 15-minute consultation to see how we can work together today.

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