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Note: currently clinical supervision will be done by Telehealth (online secure video) during the COVID-19 precautions. Observations will be done by group Telehealth sessions where needed.

Matthew Morgan is a licensed professional clinical counseling supervisor in Ohio and offer’s masters-level supervision to clinicians who are working on their practicums, internships, independent licensure, and supervision designation. 

  • Supervision is on a contract basis with the supervisee and includes ethics, techniques, case reviews, and administrative supervision.

  • Individual rates for supervision are $120/hr. for outside supervision

  • Group rates and supervision are available for groups that are interested. Please email Matthew ( if you would like more information. 

  • Individuals who are contracted employees (W-2 or 1099) with Covenant Family Wellness can receive discounted or no-charge supervision based on their service. 

For more about Ohio licensing requirements, see the CSWMFT website here

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