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Geek Therapy

Helping You Find Your Inner Superhero

Have you ever tried storming a castle with just one person’s strength, another’s steel, and another’s brains? It’s an inconceivable task and can make you feel like you’re in a pit of despair. 

Geeks are often a culture of their own. 

So Geek therapists will combine this culture with mental health to create sessions that enable you to be authentically you while pursuing your own goals for wellness (and maybe have a little fun too).

This can come out in a variety of ways. 

1) One-to-one sessions can use analogies from pop/geek culture. One of my favorites is using the voices of the bridge of the Enterprise to illustrate the different desires and fears of your life. 

2) Sessions can include geeky interventions – tracking our progress with “quests” and gaining “points” for doing activities.  

3) Check out our Critical Core groups to find experiences that merge tabletop role-playing games with therapy to build emotional regulation, creative thinking, communication, and distress tolerance.

If you’re trying to find a therapist who gets you, check us out and don’t be afraid to share what you geek out on in session. 

Geek Therapy: Services
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