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Meet the Practice

Covenant began in the basement of Matthew Morgan's house. After spending years in community mental health, Matthew wanted the freedom that comes from visiting people in their homes with the ability to practice in a controlled environment. He started an online-only practice that targeted the highly sensitive people (HSP) across the state. 

As the practice ramped up, many people said that online therapy would never take off. Insurance companies wouldn't cover it. So in January 2020, Matthew opened a small one-person office in Canal Winchester. 

Then March 2020 happened. 

We all moved home; Matthew set up "shop" in the basement and Covenant thrived. Matthew found himself busier than he'd ever been. So he started the search to add on more therapists, trying to find people who embrace the unique blend of personality traits in the practice.  

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Meet the Team

Who We Are

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Matthew E. Morgan, MA, LPCC-S

Owner / Therapist

The owner and founder of Covenant, Matthew works with Introverts, Highly Sensitive People (HSP), and ADHD individuals and families - helping them to embrace their "Misfit" status and thrive where they are.

As a spiritual "misfit" as well, Matthew also provides Christian counseling for those who are in the midst of deconstruction/reconstruction of their faith.

Anna Dykeman

Counseling Intern

Anna joined the team with a background in social media, design, organization, and an uncanny ability to keep Matthew's ADHD in check, earning her the nickname "Friday." She's transitioned to an intern role and is open to taking new clients

L. Sasha Morgan

Head of Security

Lilo Sasha - she prefers Sasha - came to the company highly recommended, having managed a team of seven canines. She keeps a watchful eye over and is often found monitoring the outside for potential threats such as birds and lightning bugs. She’s ready to jump at a moment’s notice and let others know of any threats she may sense. 
Sasha is never far from her trusty friend Alexa, who enjoys telling stories and singing songs.

Crowd Silhouette

Oliver Falkor Morgan

Human Resources

Ollie (and occasionally “Trashcat”) helps to manage the staff of Covenant. He’s definitely a gentle giant though and when he would much rather quietly observe what’s happening. Still, he has been known to supervise projects, make sure everyone is in their place, and investigate any possible wrongdoings. He also has been known to test the softness factors of various surfaces around the office for extended periods of time.

Join the Team

Looking for Creative and Independent Therapists

Covenant offers a loose conglomeration of support and we're looking for team players with unique voices who can make a niche in our practice. Right now we're looking for contractors who are willing to work independently in this environment and offer structure and support for them.

Email a cover letter and resume to the address below:

About Us: Team Members
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