My Story

A Family Based on Promises and Trust

Covenant Family Wellness was formed out of a desire to fill the gaps that families leave behind - whether through abuse, neglect, or simply unmet expectations.  We care about our clients the way that families should care. 

When you step into the office space, we want you to feel at home. From the oil diffuser (let us know if you don't like that), to huggable pillows, and geeky decor, we want this to be a comfortable place to tell your story. 

Matthew E. Morgan, LPCC, began Covenant in 2018, carved out of the meeting space at The Olive Branch Cafe. Matthew had been working as a community-based therapist and saw the need for more services in southeast Columbus. 

From those beginnings, Covenant has turned to a teletherapy provider, enabling us to meet the needs of more clients in the area.